There are 2 types of members:


Active members
The active members are all water service providers, either individuals or legal entities, who receive the license
from the Ministry of Industry and Handicraft.


Associate members.
The associate members are all individuals and legal entities who are working in the field of water supply, NGO, and other stakeholders. Active members can vote while the associate members cannot.


  • Networking and experience sharing: Meet and learn from your peers through the study tour program and other events
  • Capacity building: Access to both technical and business skill training
  • Access to information: Market of raw materials, laws and regulations
  • Public-private dialogue: Discuss the issues and come up with a good solution for both water operators and the relevant ministries

How to be our active member

  • Willing to be part of our active member
  • Individuals and legal entities have to hold a business license
  • Apply through the application given by the association or could
    be download from the website
  • Approved by the Board of Directors
  • Pay membership contribution fee

How to be loss our membership

  • Resigning in writing and inform at least one week before
  • Active members who lost their water supply business license issued by Ministry of Industry and Handcraft
  • Convicted of any crime imprisonment
  • Decision to withdraw from membership of Board of Directors’ meeting by 50% plus 1 if a member violated the regulation and the decision of the association which cause damage to the interests of the entire association.

Application form